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Westons Caple Road Cans

United Kingdom Westons
330ml Can
5.2% ABV

"Being the fifth generation of the Weston family line, Guy inherited a fine cider making heritage, which he uses to create contemporary and pioneering ciders. Try as he might, Guy can’t help but go against the grain, determined to challenge cider-lovers palates.

Great ciders are in his blood, and Caple Road is no different. He demands the finest yeast and fresh bittersweet English apple juice to craft ciders we can all be proud of. His patience for a slow fermentation and up to 18 months maturation, is challenged with the anticipation to finally taste the complex, full-bodied cider!"


About Westons Caple Road Cans

Westons Caple Road Cans is a beer from United Kingdom that we would class as Cider.

Vegan Friendly


Gluten Free



Pours a dark straw/amber colour.


Aroma is of freshly pressed, bittersweet cider apples.


Dry, complex and full-bodied with a oaky and smokey taste with subtle notes of leather.

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