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Kasteel Donker

Belgium Van Honsebrouck
330ml Bottle
11.0% ABV

Kasteel Donker is a member of the Belgian quadrupel family. These are strong, sweet to bitter, dark brown beers where the malt predominates. They were inspired by the beers of the Trappist brewers. It is a full-mouthed, malty beer with touches of caramel, coffee and chocolate coming from the roast malt. The sweet initial taste is quite surprising. Further tasting shows this beer to be intriguingly complex.


About Kasteel Donker

Kasteel Donker is a beer from Belgium that we would class as Belgian Dubbel.

Vegan Friendly


Gluten Free



Pours dark brown with a good sized tan head


Aromas of sweet dark malts, caramel, chocolate


A moderately heavy sweet beer with good flavours of dried fruits and raisens with a hint of light spice

How we rated it

Serve at12°C
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