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Handpicked craft beers
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World Beer Case


A selection of 15 hand picked beers from around the globe from Pale Ales to Porters.  Each case can be different (subject to beer availability) but will include brews that are equal to or of a higher value than:

Schneider Weisse - German

Coopers Sparkling Ale - Australia

Redchurch Paradise Ale - UK

Anchor Porter - USA

Maredsous Blonde - Belgium

Duchesse De Bourgogne Sour Ale - Belgium

Bellarose - France

Weihenstephaner Hefeweisser - German

Menabrea 1846 - Italy

Hitachino Nest Saison - Japan

Whiplash Rollover - Ireland

Nogne Global Pale - Norway

Two Roads Workers Comp - USA

Sierra Nevada Pale Ale - USA

Brooklyn Sorachi - USA