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Grimbergen Blond

Belgium Grimbergen
330ml Bottle
6.7% ABV

Grimbergen Blonde is a blond beer of high fermentation with a slightly fruity taste, it offers a perfect balance between sweetness, bitterness and sparkle. Beer enthusiasts will find the subtle spicy flavours that make the unique signature of the Grimbergen Abbey. A relatively light tasting beer with a fruity malty taste.


About Grimbergen Blond

Grimbergen Blond is a beer from Belgium that we would class as Belgian Ale and Belgian Blonde Ale.

Vegan Friendly


Gluten Free



Pours a clear golden yellow with a good cream coloured head.


Dominant aromas of ripe fruit and spices. Followed by light aromas of honey, liquorice and macerated fruit mixed with notes of floral hops.


A well balanced beer between bitter and sweet flavours.

Great With

White fish dishes and mushroom tarts

How we rated it

Serve at4 to 6°C
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