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Which Country Drinks the Most Beer?

Which Country Drinks the Most Beer?
Posted 17th May 2022

European countries tend to drink the most beer.

In the Beer Consumption by Country review of 2016 (the most recent for which we can get statistics) the Czech Republic topped the list of beer drinking countries, with 143 litres (251 pints) drunk per person per year.  With a population of around 10 million it means the Czechs are getting through 2.5 billion pints of beer a year!

The Czechs have topped the beer drinking table for over 20 years, and seven other European countries appear on this list. The top ten beer drinking countries reported were:

  1. Czech Republic (143 litres per person)
  2. Namibia (108 litres)
  3. Austria (106 litres)
  4. Germany (104 litres)
  5. Poland (100 litres)
  6. Ireland (98 litres)
  7. Romania (94. litres)
  8. Seychelles (90 litres)
  9. Estonia (89 litres)
  10. Lithuania (88 litres)

Hope you enjoy sipping a pint or two soon!