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Wipers Times Dubbel

Belgium Kazematten - Ypres City Brewery
330 ml Bottle
6.5% ABV

Wipers Times Dubbel is a top-fermented, full-bodied brown ale, brewed exclusively using local hops. Wipers Times Dubbel is brewed like a classic abbey-style beer, with twice as much malt as their Wipers Times Blond. 


About Wipers Times Dubbel

Wipers Times Dubbel is a beer from Belgium that we would class as Belgian Dubbel.

Vegan Friendly


Gluten Free



Pours a deep red brown with a cream head


Aromas of warm spiced malts with star anise and clove followed by fruity apple and citrus orange.


The hints of ginger, cinnamon and nutmeg give it a delicious, complex flavour. Burnt caramel and mild biscuit notes only add to this beer’s pleasant, full sensation. Easy to drink, with a sublime, nutty finish.

Great With

Wipers Times Dubbel is the perfect sparring partner for a grilled rack of lamb or a well-seasoned (game) stew. Another great pairing is a dessert of coffee ice cream with a biscoff crumble.

How we rated it

Serve at6 to 10°C
Wipers Times Blond
Belgium Beer
Kazematten - Ypres City Brewery
6.2% ABV
330 ml
Wipers Times Blond
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