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Coopers Sparkling Ale

Australia Coopers
375ml Bottle
5.8% ABV

The ale by which all others should be measured. With its famous cloudy sediment and its distinctive balance of malt, hops and fruity characters, the old ‘Red Label’ is a tasty slice of Coopers history. Little has changed since Thomas Cooper produced his first batch of Coopers Sparkling Ale in 1862. It’s still brewed naturally using the century old top fermentation method and it still tastes great!


About Coopers Sparkling Ale

Coopers Sparkling Ale is a beer from Australia that we would class as Golden Ale.

Vegan Friendly


Gluten Free



Pours a deep amber with a solid off white head


A strong aroma of malts followed by those of brewing yeast


Initial flavours of the strong malts and hops followed by lighter toasted malt and hints of yeast

How we rated it

Serve at6 to 8°C
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